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Safety Flash: Floorman arm pinned by Pipe Handling Equipment

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What happened

The drilling crew was tripping the drill string into the primary well with two floormen positioned in the fingerboard area to spot/open fingers manually as required. The rig’s pipe handling equipment (PHE) was being used to transfer stands from the fingerboard area to the well center. The Injured Party (IP), a floorman was positioned at the upper derrick level tying a finger latch in the open position. It was at that time that PHE moved toward its next targeted finger slot while the floorman was still positioned on the fingers. The pipe handling equipment extended, and the IP noticed the PHE arm moving in his direction. The PHE pinned the IP’s left upper arm. (see photo) The IP remained in position and embraced the pipe. The IP called for an immediate “All stop” and the Assistant Driller then retracted the PHE, whereby the IP’s arm was released, and the IP left the area. A similar incident had occurred previously.

What were the causes? Why did happen?

The finger latch areas were not understood and clearly defined as a Red Zone area, especially during tubular movement.

Not all finger latches are regularly checked and made accessible to repair through routine maintenance.

Safety-critical communication: Safety-critical communication standards are not established and maintained.

Corrective Actions Taken / Recommendations

Ensure the understanding of the crews regarding Red Zone management, including areas that are subjected to moving equipment. Ensure that routine and corrective finger latch maintenance is properly planned, and communication is maintained between the teams and client. The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) to evaluate rig safety-critical communication standards adherence and implement required improvements. site;

  • Tool pusher, Driller and Assistant Driller to maintain full control and accountability of the Red Zone management in drill floor and derrick
  • Ensure that safety critical communication standards are understood by all.
  • Review current process/protocols to Derrick fingerboard access & maintenance.
  • Review Rig Red Zone Management mapping to include elevated areas on derrick.
  • Ensure Control of storied energy & Red Zone procedures are in place when moving equipment interfaces with personnel
  • Report and repair deficient finger latches though proper maintenance planning communication

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These flashes summarise key safety matters and incidents, allowing wider dissemination of lessons learned from them. The information below has been provided in good faith by members and should be reviewed individually by recipients, who will determine its relevance to their own operations. The effectiveness of the safety flash system depends on receiving reports from members in order to pass on the information and avoid repeat incidents.

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Alert ID:20/12
Published:Nov 21 2021
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