Below is a photo of my favorite hearing protection – the QB2HYG by Howard Leight.  For most Safety Professionals (and others who are not in noisy areas all day) this may offer the best combination of protection, comfort, ergonomics, and price! [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] This unique type of hearing protector was specifically designed “for
We are  often asked these four questions on hard hats: 1.  Are hard hats required for this job? 2.  What type of hard hat do I need? 3.  Are stickers & paint allowed on hard hats? 4.  Can hard hats be worn backwards? [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] In the USA, OSHA’s General Industry standard uses vague
Does it really matter how my safety boot is constructed? Everyone knows the old adage “Use the right tool for the right job.” Seems easy enough. But what about when it comes to safety footwear? [xt_networks force_original_colors="yes"] Protective boots and shoes are critical to helping lay the foundation for a