The grantee offered 6-hour training to workers and employers engaged in the construction, deconstruction, and maintenance of telecommunication towers and wind turbines in Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Training topics included accident investigation, site inspection, and hand and power tool safety. Materials included PowerPoint presentations  and student tests. Training is
The grantee provided 2-hour confined space in construction training to workers in the construction industry. Training topics will included confined spaces hazard, air monitoring, and personal protective equipment. Training was offered in English. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] Confined Spaces Hazards in Construction – English Title Length Format File Size Confined
The grantee developed safety training materials regarding the recognition and abatement of excavation and trenching hazards. Training materials include an excavation safety manual and PowerPoint presentations. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] Excavation and Trenching Title Length Format File Size Excavation Safety for the Construction Industry Excavation Safety, Part 1 95 slides
The Materials Provide safety training  about electrical hazards  for General Industry  Including Arc Flash. Training materials include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, quizzes, and a manual. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] Electrical Safety Title Length Format File Size General Industry Electrical Hazards Including Arc Flash Common Electrical Hazards 46 slides PPT* 6.9 MB GFCI and Wiring
The Materials provided  presented a bloodborne pathogens program targeting small businesses and fire/emergency service workers and employers. Training topics include routes of infection, prevention, and the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Training materials include PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and quizzes. Training materials are available in English. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] Bloodborne Pathogens Title
It is important to develop a strong culture of incident reporting, no matter how minor, as all reported incidents should be used as valuable lessons in how to prevent a recurrence.An investigation should concentrate on identifying what actions or events led to the incident, and to identify strategies to ensure
The Material presented aerial lift safety training to workers and employers in the landscaping and tree care industries. Training topics included work practices near utility lines, aerial lift inspection, and driving. Training materials will include workbooks and quizzes. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] Aerial Lift Title Length Format Size Aireal lift safety
Providing safety training in short bursts may help workers retain critical safety knowledge and procedures. [xt_networks title="Follow Us" force_original_colors="yes"] "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" is a phrase recognized by many American adults whose childhood spanned any part of the 1970s. This phrase was part of an initiative to weave the