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E-Books: Industrial Safety Management

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Industrial Safety Management 21st Century Perspectives of Asia by J Maiti, ‎Pradip Kumar Ray. The book refers to managing business activities and applying principles, framework, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries, and to minimize other risks. ‘Safety Management’ concepts are used to develop a framework for implementing the safety life cycle management (SLCM) approach for a safety instrumented system (SIS) to manage the plant safety.

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries all over the world.
The overall days lost by injuries and illness of construction were higher than any other industry sector. About 3% of construction workers in Great Britain suffered from a work-related illness which leads to 1.2 million days lost (OSH 2004). Annually around 69,000 workers were suffering from illness in Great Britain. Mitigating the hazards is one of the challenging issues in construction projects.
Identifying the root causes of hazards plays a major role in many construction activities. Different companies from different industries put effort individually and jointly to improve safety in construction, but their results remain unchanged.
Particularly, the construction industries in developing countries are found to be the most dangerous for safety criteria. For past decades, the academics and professionals from different specialization worked jointly to address safety issues in construction. However, the results which they obtained were not sufficient to prevent hazards in construction. At present, the researchers have focused on the concept of preventing or minimizing the hazards in construction through design. Many researchers stated that addressing workers’ safety in the design phase of the project will improve safety performance in construction. But in many countries, workers’ safety is not a part of the designer’s role.

Industrial Safety Management

The design has major impacts on construction safety (BLS; Driscoll et al. 2008; Kamardeen 2013; Behm 2005; Smallwood 2008) Australia National Coroner’s Information System has drawn the conclusion that 37% of 210 identified workplace fatalities had design-related issues (Driscoll et al. 2008). Nearly, 50% of construction workers in South Africa thought construction safety is impacted by design (Smallwood 2008). The analysis of data obtained from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Fatality Assessment Control and Evaluation (FACE) program shows that 42% of the 224 fatalities were related to design (Behm 2005). About 16.5% of construction accidents were design-related incidents.
The collected data from seven different countries were analyzed, and the result shows that 35% of construction accidents were related to design (Kamardeen 2013).


The Contents of Industrial Safety Management Book

  • Part I Safety by Design
  • Prevention Through Design
  • Virtual Prototype-based Simulator for EOT Crane
  • Reduction of Coal Dust Exposure Using Water Mist System
  • A Study on Performance Parameters Associated with the Effectiveness of Antilock Braking System.
  • Part II Safety Analytics
  • Data-driven Mapping Between Proactive and Reactive Measures of Occupational Safety Performance
  • Prediction of Occupational Incidents Using Proactive and Reactive Data
  • Determinants of Risk Indices in Hard Rock Mine Using Loglinear Model
  • Mathematical Modelling of Human Energy Consumption
  • Part III Safety Management
  • Assessment of Significance of Safety Life Cycle Management
  • Understanding the Human-computer Interaction Behavior in Electrical and Power Systems

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