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E-Books: Job Hazard Analysis A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond

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Job Hazard Analysis A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond 2nd edition by James E. Roughton. This book methodically develops the risk assessment basis needed for ANSI/AIHA Z10 and other safety and health management systems. It is supported by numerous real-life examples, end of chapter review questions, sample checklists, action plans, and forms. The books include Safety Culture: An Innovative, Leadership Approach, Developing an Effective Safety Culture: A Leadership Approach, and Job Hazard Analysis and A Guide for Voluntary  Compliance and Beyond. and also a hands-on, comprehensive approach to build and enhance a job hazard analysis (JHA) process. The writer is convinced that JHA provides the critical link between risk assessment and an effective safety system.

Based on our opinion and lessons learned through experience, we have found that the job hazard analysis (JHA) is “The Centerpiece and Critical Link” to ensure a solid foundation for the safety system. A safety system can be defined as “… the formal, top-down business approach to managing risk, which includes a systemic approach to manage safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies, and procedures.” The overarching safety system goal is to ensure an effective safety culture exists within an organization. A true safety culture can only exist when the leadership team fully embraces and understands how jobs, their steps, and tasks are defined, administered, and completed as a whole unit. “A safety culture goes beyond simply managing a basic series of required programs for regulatory compliance. The design of job(s), step(s), and task(s) must take into consideration the variations in cultures and account for the inherent hazards and associated risk that must be managed and controlled.”

Job Hazard Analysis A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond book’s Cover

The development of a JHA must include elements that go beyond
just listing a job’s steps. While not part of the actual JHA, organizational, and human performance elements and issues directly influence the effective implementation of the process. Even with an in-depth understanding of how to develop a JHA, getting the leadership team and employees to buy into the effort involves more than a mechanical, rote filling out of a document

The JHA is still viewed as an additional activity not a fundamental part of an overall safety system. As with the issue found in quality control where the effort was to fix defects and not the cause of defects, loss-producing events still focus on the immediate cause and not the reduction of risk found within the system. Various levels of activities must be considered in order to improve the existing safety system. After decades of research and insights within the safety profession, the misconception still remains that the majority of injuries are due to unsafe acts or human error. Why? Improving safety efforts are still in many cases restricted to trying to change employee behavior through incentive programs, games, or low-value activities such as exhortations (lecturing), posters, and the like.


The Contents of ob Hazard Analysis A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond

  • Why Focus on the Job Hazard Analysis Process
  • Understanding Human Performance in the Job Hazard Analysis Process
  • Introducing JHA into the Organization
  • Safety With Machinery By John Ridley and Dick Pearce
  • Leadership Team and Employee Participation
  • Preparing for the Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Analysis and Review of Associated Risk
  • Enhancing the Safety Management System in Managing Risk
  • Defining Associated Risk
  • The Essential Manager’s Handbook
  • Planning for the Job Hazard Analysis
  • Breaking the Job Down into Individual Components
  • Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
  • Assessing Training Needs
  • Basic Elements of a Safety System
  • Occupational Safety and Health fundamental principles and philosophies
  • Becoming a Curator for the Safety System
  • Effectively Managing a JHA Process using Six Sigma

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Job Hazard Analysis A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond

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