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E-Books: From Accidents to Zero

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From Accidents to Zero: A Practical Guide to Safety Culture is positively different from traditional safety and health books. Sharman points out that we need to go beyond the “business as usual” if we want to approach zero harm at work. Even excellent workplaces and organizations tend to have difficulties in continuing to improve safety. This book is a good start to see our own limitations and “blindness” in our safety efforts. Excellent reading that encourages immediate action!
Professor Dr. Jukka Takala, Director Emeritus, ILO SafeWork & EU-OSHA. Ministry of Manpower Services Centre, Workplace Safety & Health Institute, Singapore Thought-provoking and insightful. From Accidents to Zero progressively pushed me to see new connections and new ways to address organizations’ safety culture and risk management challenges.
Mieke Jacobs, Global Practice Leader – Employee Safety, DuPont This is a must-read – this book will change your approach to safety forever! Challenges your everyday thinking and provides innovative and proactive methods to truly integrate and embed safety into your company culture.
Steve Bourke, EHS Director, Owens-Illinois
This book should be subtitled ‘safety psychology without tears’. If you want to know more about what makes people behave as they do and how you can translate that knowledge into smarter
worker protection, Sharman’s your man.
Louis Wustemann, Managing Editor, Health & Safety at Work magazine

From Accidents to Zero makes more sense than anything else I’ve read on safety culture.
Sharman pushes us to think outside the box and this practical little book rocks my world.
Graham Redpath, Senior Project Manager, Emtelle
This A to Z of safety represents an eminently practical knowledge toolbox, one filled with tools that will add value to the CEO and the front-line Safety Practitioner in equal measures. Relevant,
accessible and applicable, this is safety distilled and a ‘must-read’.
Steven Brown, Brewery Manager, Heineken

From Accidents to Zero Book’s cover

With this book, Andrew has opened up the field of safety culture and broken it down into bite-sized components to facilitate new, critical thought and inspire practical action.
He brings a welcome challenge to the view that culture change is a long and difficult process by offering numerous pragmatic ideas to engage, motivate and drive positive evolution in the workplace. As Chief Executive of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, I am delighted to endorse this book. I am sure that you will find the style engaging and the content a useful nudge towards thinking differently about safety culture in your organization.

Who is this book for?
You may have already made good progress with safety, reducing the number of injuries in your organization to an all-time low.
Or perhaps you find your organization’s Accident Frequency Rates on a
performance plateau.
You may be starting out as a safety professional, maybe you’re a seasoned old hand, or perhaps you’re someone with an interest in making things safer in the workplace.
Wherever you are, whoever you may be, at whatever point in your journey to zero accidents you find yourself, this book has something just for you.

How to use this book
The first rule of how to use this book… is that there are no rules on how to use this book.
It’s designed in a way that you can read any of these short chapters, at any time, in any order you wish. As a suggestion to get you started, have a look at the Contents page and see which of the chapter headings spark some excitement or interest in your mind, and begin there.
Or you could just flick the book open at a random page and start from that point.
If you prefer a more traditional method, start at the beginning, and just keep turning the pages until you get to the end. Whichever way you choose, all I ask is that you approach these chapters with an open mind and a readiness for thought.
A smile on your face from time to time will also work wonders. As you may have already guessed from the title of this book, there are twenty-six chapters, starting with A, and ending with Z. Each chapter is short: the point being to articulate the key issue quickly and get you thinking. Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman recently published an excellent book entitled Thinking, Fast and Slow.
Taking my cue from Kahneman, I’d suggest that you try ‘Reading, Fast and Slow’. Resist the urge to turn the pages quickly and ‘complete’ the book. Instead, pause a while, try to consider not just the words on the page, but also where they lead your thoughts. Take some time to let your mind wander, drifting from where the chapter started, through a web of connected thoughts and ideas of your own…
At the end of each chapter, you’ll find several questions. These are included to encourage you further into thinking critically about your current approach to workplace safety, to challenge your own beliefs, to push the edges of the envelope a little. The questions are an important part of each chapter so do try to spend some time reflecting on them. Feel free to jot down your thoughts in the white space around the questions, it’s your book after all!


The Contents of the Books From Accidents to Zero

  • Accidents 15
  • Behavior 19
  • Culture 23
  • Daily Rituals 31
  • Evolution 35
  • Felt Leadership 39
  • Groups 43
  • Hawthorne Effect 49
  • Inattentional Blindness 53
  • Just Culture 57
  • Kahneman 61
  • Leadership 65
  • Mindfulness 69
  • Near Misses 77
  • Observation 81
  • Performance 87
  • Quality 91
  • Risk 93
  • Safety 99
  • Trust 105
  • Unsafe Acts 109
  • Values 115
  • Words 121
  • X Factor 125
  • You 129
  • Zero 131
  • Epilogue 135
  • References & Further Reading 137
  • Acknowledgments 141
  • About the Author 143
  • Ordering extra copies 144

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