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E-Books: Guidelines on the marine assessment of F(P)SOs

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These guidelines facilitate the uniform assessment of Floating (Production) Storage and Offloading (F(P)SO) facilities. They provide a robust method for assessing the marine aspects of F(P)SO operations against international legislation and recognized industry best practices and are designed to supplement other internal assessments conducted as part of a company’s auditing process.

This publication provides a basic framework for assessment. Although the red areas in figure 1. are excluded from the publication, its scope includes marine interfaces and relationships with the areas such as those with topsides production, turret mooring, subsea systems, hydrocarbon offtake systems, pilots, support craft operators, and local authorities. The guidelines are comprised of an assessment questionnaire grouped into 12 sections, each covering a different aspect of FPSO activities. Four appendices provide examples of documentation that can be used to support the assessment process:

Appendix A is an F(P)SO particulars questionnaire to be completed by the F(P)SO. This information should be completed in as much detail as possible and forwarded to the assessor before the assessment visit.

Appendix B is a list of certificates to be completed by the F(P)SO and forwarded to the assessor before the assessment visit.

Appendix C is an example scorecard that provides a concise summary of the assessment results and findings, together with the F(P)SO’s response.

Appendix D is a template that assessors can use to prepare for opening and closing meetings with the offshore F(P)SO management.

Areas of an FPSO included in this publication are labeled. Areas excluded from the scope of this publication are shown in red.

The guidelines complement other publications listed in the bibliography, such as:

  • International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT) (OCIMF).
  • Guidelines for Offshore Tanker Operations (OCIMF).
  • Cargo Guidelines for F(P)SOs (OCIMF).
  • Competence Assurance Guidelines for F(P)SOs (OCIMF).
  • Competence Assurance Guidelines for Mooring, Loading, and Lightering Masters (OCIMF).
  • Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations (G-OMO) (Assorted industry bodies).
  • Single Point Mooring Maintenance and Operations Guide (SMOG) (OCIMF).
  • Safe Transfer of Liquefied Gas in an Offshore Environment (STOLGOE) (OCIMF).
  • Dynamic Positioning Assurance Framework (OCIMF).


The Guidelines on the marine assessment of F(P)SOs Contents

  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations 
  • Bibliography
  • Introduction
  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. Personnel and contractor management
  3. Safety management
  4. Pollution prevention and environmental management
  5. F(P)SO marine operations
  6. Topsides–marine interfaces
  7. Asset integrity, reliability, and maintenance
  8. F(P)SO marine terminal services
  9. Offtake operation management
  10. Dynamic Positioning and active heading control
  11. Navigation and propulsion on disconnectable F(P)SOs
  12. Operations in ice
  • Appendix A: F(P)SO particulars questionnaire
  • Appendix B: Certificates 
  • Appendix C: Example scorecard 
  • Appendix D: Record of opening/closing meeting 
  • Using the assessment questionnaire 

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