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E-Books: The Essential Manager’s Handbook

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The Essential Manager’s Handbook THE ULTIMATE VISUAL GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT. Be a more effective manager and hone your management style with DK Essential Managers Handbook, a bind-up of DK’s DK Essential Managers: Leadership, DK Essential Managers: Managing People, DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication, DK Essential Managers: Negotiating, and DK Essential Managers: Achieving High Performance in one easy-to-reference, practical, step-by-step guide.

The step up to a managerial role can be an exciting, but daunting, new challenge. Suddenly, you are responsible for making sure your team is working together, achieving
results, and that overall your department is running smoothly. There is no single technique to becoming an excellent manager, but the Essential Manager’s Handbook
provides indispensable advice on six of the key areas of management. Lead your team Managing People is essential to building a high-performing team, and in this section, you will learn how to attain this goal. A successful manager must learn to set targets, plan work, delegate tasks, motivate employees to appraise performance,
and solve problems. Managing people is a dynamic process that is always evolving to reflect the complex workspace, but by learning the core skills outlined in this section, you will be well prepared to accommodate future change. To run your team successfully, it is critical to be seen as a good leader. Leadership is the ability to create an environment where each individual feels totally committed to doing a great job. This section provides practical advice to help you to develop your leadership skills, allowing you to realize both your own and your team’s full potential.

Achieve your potential
Achieving this potential occurs through a combination of becoming more creative and confident, and improving your communication skills. In Achieving High Performance, you will be given the tools to understand yourself and learn how to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The Effective Communication section of this book focuses on a wide range of topics, from planning a strategy to analyzing your audience, and will allow you to learn to communicate and listen well, both to your team and to your intended market.

Improve your business skills
A good manager also needs to be a successful presenter, as presentations have become an essential tool for business communication around the world. Whether you are delivering a formal speech, giving an informal address to your staff, or communicating with the media, the elements

of great presentations are described in the Presenting section in clear, concise, and practical detail. Negotiating is challenging, complex, and exciting, and another important skill that all managers should master. This section outlines various techniques that can help to make you a more successful negotiator in every situation you face; from teaching you how to manage your own emotions, to understanding your negotiation style.


The Contents of The Essential Managers Handbook

  • Chapter 1 Understanding yourself
  • Chapter 2 Managing a team
  • Chapter 3 Leading others
  • Chapter 4 Understanding leadership
  • Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook
  • Chapter 5 Taking up your leadership role
  • Chapter 6 Leading through challenges
  • Chapter 7 Developing leaders
  • Chapter 8 Knowing yourself
  • Chapter 9 Improving your skills
  • Chapter 10 Becoming more effective
  • Chapter 11 Becoming successful
  • Chapter 12 Understanding communication skills
  • Chapter 13 Speaking and writing
  • Engineering Resume Format CV
  • Chapter 14 Communicating with your team
  • Chapter 15 Communicating externally
  • Chapter 16 Planning to present
  • Chapter 17 Taking center stage
  • Chapter 18 Preparing to negotiate
  • Chapter 19 Setting your style
  • Handbook of Industrial Engineering 3rd Edition
  • Chapter 20 Conducting negotiations
  • Chapter 21 Developing your technique

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