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Electrical Safety Tips -Safety Moment #6

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Approximately 230 electrical related fatalities occur each year.Electricity is everywhere, so reliable and useful these days that it is often taken for granted, and it is somewhat shocking how little is actually understood about its properties by the general public.

S.M#6 : Electrical Safety

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Did you know that 230 electrical related fatalities occur each year?

Here are some tips for avoiding electrical accidents:

  • Before plugging in a device, examine both the device and its cord for damage. Look for corroded, loose or bent plugs.
  • Examine the cord for cracks or frayed insulation at the plug end.
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  • Look at the tool or appliance end, too. If a tool or cord becomes hot to the touch or sparks or shocks, repair or replace it, but don’t attempt to repair broken cords or components by yourself. That is a job for a qualified electrician.
  • Never hold a tool or appliance by the cord—that invites damage–and remember to keep cords away from heat and water.
  • Also, don’t run cords under rugs—abrasion can damage them.
  • When removing plugs from outlets, pull on the plug, not the cord.
  • Don’t tamper with plugs. Never break off the third (ground) prong to fit a plug into a two-plug outlet; instead, replace the outlet. If the third prong is removed, the equipment is no longer grounded. Any cord with a prong missing should be put out of service.
  • Don’t overload circuits.
  • Remember that extension cords are for temporary use only. Using them as a permanent wiring solution is not allowed.
  • When working outside don’t forget to identify electrical sources over your head and below your feet. When using an extension ladder for instance, make sure to stay at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines.

Electricity is something that you can’t see, hear, or smell–so it is critical to have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works in order to use it safely. Until next time, stay positive and stay safe.

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