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Scaffold Register and Inspection Checklist

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A scaffold inspection checklist should be used to identify installation oversights and equipment defects of a scaffold. These checklists should carry out critical and thorough evaluation of the scaffold’s strength, rigidity, stability, and should pass the regulatory standards. Know how to conduct better inspections by downloading this collection of scaffold  checklists covering scaffold quality evaluations and other best practice scaffold inspection checklists.Using a powerful register and inspection  you can record data, capture photo defects, and recommend actions to prevent injuries when working on a scaffold.

Download these free checklists and modify them to suit your workplace

1- Stationary Scaffold inspection checklist

2-Tower Scaffold inspection checklist

3- Scaffold inspection Register

1- Stationary Scaffold Inspection checklist 

2- Tower Scaffold Inspection checklist 

3-  Scaffold  Inspection Register

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