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Tips to Avoid Standstill Accidents: Safety Moment#33

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Commuting to and from work or from Jobsite to Jobsite can feel monotonous. However, it’s vital to remain alert and prepared – even at a red light.

A momentary distraction or a poorly maintained vehicle is all it takes for an accident to occur, one which can even end in loss of life. Preventing these incidents during the commute could also be a critical neighborhood of workplace safety. Here are six ways to avoid accidents when at a standstill.

Takeaway: Being stopped at a red light might feel safe, but accidents can still happen even when you’re at a standstill.

Pull Up to Red Lights Slowly

You have to be a defensive driver, even when you’re approaching a red light. inclemency conditions or the temperament of other drivers could all be factors that play into a possible accident.

When the rain starts hitting the pavement, the first five minutes are the foremost critical. During that time, the oils within the road are slicker, and other drivers may have more trouble breaking or stopping.

Slowly apply your brakes when approaching a red light. When the sunshine turns green, assess your surroundings before driving ahead. The few seconds you’d gain by rushing through isn’t well well worth the harm you’re risking.

Leave Plenty of Room ahead of You

Rather than participating in violence or the competitive driving that always fills the streets, you need to remain calm and encourage other drivers to undertake to do the same. you’ll do that by leaving many space before your vehicle. Don’t ride the bumper of the car before you, albeit it’s going extraordinarily slow during a quick lane.

Leave a minimum of a car’s distance between you and thus the driving force ahead and even more, room if you’re going over fifty miles an hour. This space will provide you with longer to hit your brake if you’d wish to return to an abrupt stop, and it will make the drive before you’re feeling less nervous. Often, if a driver feels they’re being infringed upon, they’ll hit the brakes as a warning. this may cause crashes, so please don’t risk it.

At a red light, keep enough distance so that you’re going to see the lowest of the taillights on the car ahead. This gap will provide you with twenty to thirty feet of room if your brakes fail or the road is slick. As important because it’s to be prepared with the right resources within the event of an accident, driving defensively can keep you from needing them within the least.

Keep a minimum of 1 Hand on the Wheel

Some stretches of road desire they’re happening forever and it’s tempting to multitask out of boredom or to knock a further item off your undertaking to list. But using your phone while driving is much too risky. a minimum of 1 among your hands must get on the wheel within the least times. There’s nothing you need to be doing between job sites that need to keep you from doing this.

Eating lunch on the way isn’t entirely safe, either. But if you’re doing it, confirm you keep one hand firmly on the wheel. Driving conditions can change quickly and cars can stop suddenly. Even at a red light, you need to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

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Stay Off Your Phone – Even at a Red Light

Your phone shouldn’t be anywhere near your hands when you’re driving. But plenty of drivers think that doesn’t apply when they’re stopped at a red light.

It does. In fact, it’s the last place you need to consider checking texts or Twitter. Being distracted at a red light means you’ll miss the sunshine change or falsely think the sunshine has changed and moved forward despite the sunshine staying red. This small mistake can cause a potentially fatal collision.

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Watch Out for Kids

Kids are unpredictable. Their parents and teachers can tell them day in and out that they need to concentrate on cars and stay on the sidewalk, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stick.

Children are excitable, flighty, and easily distracted. When there are kids around, pay extra attention to what they’re doing and make sure they’re moving along safely. you can’t afford to be distracted, even for a flash, because that moment might be the one a toddler does something unpredictable. albeit the resulting accident isn’t your fault, the harm is irreversible and thus the guilt and trauma can persist with you for ages.

Perform Engine Maintenance Regularly

Maintenance could also be a vehicle’s ally. Have your car checked regularly, and address any concerns promptly.

If you notice your brakes aren’t acting correctly, or your vehicle isn’t starting or slowing because it should, have a mechanic inspect it immediately. Failing to start out when you’re at a red light could mean having another driver plowed into the rear of your vehicle. Fender benders can damage your spine, neck, and head, also injure the driver behind you.

Proper maintenance will keep you from stalling and can prevent serious injuries.

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