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Flammable Liquid Storage -Safety Moment #1

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The dangerous substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) require risks from the indoor storage of dangerous substances to be controlled by elimination or by reducing the quantities of such substances in the workplace to a minimum and providing mitigation to protect against foreseeable incidents.Here below we present HSSE World Safety Moment concerning Storage of Flammable liquids and the way of safe storage.

S.M # 1

Flammable Liquid Storage

This safety tip video explains ways to stay safe while working with Flammable Liquid Storage.

According to the NFPA around 1,400 fires occur annually in which flammable or combustible liquids first were ignited. Direct property damage is approximately $76 million dollars each year.

We’ve all seen a vehicle explode in the movies, right? Environmental Health & Safety magazine writes that 1 gallon of vaporized gasoline can explode with the same force as 20 sticks of dynamite.” That is one explanation as to why the hazards of often volatile flammable liquids like gasoline are mostly well known.

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