Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Over 30 million American workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals in their workplaces. Hazard Communication Programs are intended to ensure that these workers and their employers are informed of the identities of these hazardous chemicals, the associated health and safety hazards and appropriate protective measures.  When workers have information, they are able to take steps to protect themselves from experiencing adverse effects from chemical exposure. Employees have the right to know the properties and potential safety and health hazards of substances to which they may be exposed.

Goals of Hazard Communication Programs are:

·        To help reduce the risks involved in working with hazardous materials

·        To transmit vital information to employees about real and potential hazards of substances in the work place

·        To reduce the incidence and cost of illness and injury resulting from hazardous substances

·        To encourage a reduction in the volume and toxicity of hazardous substances

The following template can be used to help your organization develop a written Hazard Communication Program. This template cannot be used as is – you must customize the template to meet the needs of your organization. We have made this template easier for you to customize by adding visual prompts that identify some areas where your input is needed. These are identified by yellow highlighted, red text in the template. You may also change any of the text in the template to meet your organization’s needs – for example, department names, job titles and listed responsibilities and procedures.

Disclaimer. This sample Hazard Communication Program template cannot be used as is. You must customize the template to meet the needs of your organization.  HSSE World does not guarantee that this template is or can be relied on for compliance with any law or regulation, assurance against preventable losses, or freedom from legal liability. We make no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, either express or implied, in connection with the use of this template. HSSE World will not be liable for your use of the template as customized by you.  All safety programs and policies, including this template and the information you supply to complete it, should be reviewed by your legal counsel and/or risk management staff.

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