Safe Driving Policy: Company Owned Vehicles and Personal Owned Vehicles

It is recommended that your business have a policy in place related to Safe Driving. This should be reviewed and signed by anyone that might ever drive on company business including Office Staff, DO, Supervisors, Managers, Maintenance, etc.

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Encouraging good driving is good business. Having a safe driving policy can protect your staff, and enhance your reputation, both within your own company and with your customers. A safe driving policy is easy to set up and can save you money.

Below is a sample policy to help you get started which covers both company owned vehicles and personal owned vehicles driven by employees.

Safe Driving Training Acknowledgement Form

Auto accidents are a problem that we have the potential of facing when driving for work related business. In order to keep our employee’s safe; we have the following policies to help reduce any harm to yourself and others.

Safe Driving Policy:

  • I agree my vehicle will be properly maintained
  • I agree to not drink alcohol, or illegal drugs, in any quantity, prior to driving, or while driving.
  • I agree not to take any prescription drugs that may impair my ability to safely drive. • I agree to wear my seatbelt at all times, when I am driving. • I agree to not give rides to any passengers while driving.
  •  I will report any driving violations at first opportunity.
  • I will ensure that my vehicle is properly insured, with insurance being kept up to date.
  • I agree to report any accidents whether during personal driving time or during company business to my manager immediately. I will not admit fault, and I will get witness names, and contact information.
  • I agree to follow all State and local laws and rules while driving
  • I agree to never Text Message while in the car. Even if stopped at a light, I will not check text messages or send them
  • I will never check (or send) Emails while in the car
  • When driving, I will use caution and drive responsible at all times
  • When driving, I will continuously look out for pedestrians
  • When driving, I will not drive aggressive and will leave plenty of stopping distance in front of my vehicle
  • When driving, I will not make any moves that may endanger anyone’s safety.

*** I understand when driving on restaurant business that all lives and property are more important than being on time.

Employee Name: ______________________________

Employee’s Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________

Managers/Witness Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________

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