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Tool Box Talk: Oil Spill Response

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Oil Spill Response:

1-Assess the severity of the situation

  • Determine if the situation is immediately hazardous to your well-being, evacuate if in danger.
  • For large spills that can reach a drain or catch basin, immediately call the Operations Center.
  • If situation allows, quickly cover/block the floor drain/ catch basin with a drain cover, boom, speedy dry, etc.

2-Contain Small Incidental Spills

  • Contain spill without endangering self or others.
  • Block storm drains and floor drains/openings to prevent spilled material from reaching the environment
  •   Ensure the area is properly ventilated

3-Small Spill Clean Up

  • Wear the Proper Protective Equipment (safety goggles, oil resistant gloves, etc)
  • Use absorbent materials to clean spill (pads, speedy dry, etc)

4-Manage the Contaminated Waste Appropriately

  • Store contaminated materials/waste from the clean-up in appropriate covered buckets or drum with a secured lid
  • Affix a Harvard Hazardous Waste label on the container (except cooking oil)
  • If the contaminant is 1 gallon or less of cooking oil and is completely absorbed, it is acceptable to dispose of with normal waste
  • For waste pick-up contact EHSEM

Oil Spill Prevention:

  • All waste oil containers need to be placed in/on secondary containment that has a storage capacity of 110% of the container size.
  • Perform monthly inspections on all oil containing devices that have a capacity of 55 gallons or greater.
  • Know where all spill kits are located in your facility and take time to ensure they are properly stocked.

Group Discussion Topics:

  • Identify any past spill situations and how they were handled.
  • Are there any oil containing devices that pose a greater risk than others for a potential spill/release?

Floor Drains- use speedy dry, booms or drain covers to prevent oil from entering drains

 Storm Drains- Frequently check hydraulic lines for trash compacters that are

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