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Revision Rhinoplasty: When to See an ENT Surgeon for a Second Surgery?

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Most people in Singapore consider nose surgery for improved aesthetics and functionality. However, some surgeries can be less satisfying due to unwanted cosmetic outcomes or the onset of breathing trouble. No matter the scene, one must seek revision rhinoplasty for a better result in the second attempt. You can see improvement in the appearance of your nose and your breathing. Do you want to opt for a second surgery? When is the right time to revise the unwanted effects of the original surgery? Let’s plan it better with proper information.

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Revision rhinoplasty

After the first rhinoplasty or nose job, the decision to go for the second one will be more overwhelming than before, regardless of why you want this. People usually opt for revision due to breathing difficulty or poor aesthetic results, such as structural issues like asymmetry or misshapen nasal valves. All these unique situations need a personalised approach and treatment. That’s why you must follow the proper planning process. You will consult a new ENT surgeon for consultation and assessment. Share your expectations from the second surgery and identify where the original surgery went wrong. Or, you may want something different this time. Your surgeon will need some details, such as medical records, the status of your health, and lifestyle choices, to make this successful.

The best time for revision rhinoplasty

Due to unsatisfactory results, you can be eager to correct everything as soon as possible. That’s understandable. However, these matters require patience. While there is no fixed rule about waiting in this case, you can be ready only when the primary surgery’s impact has waned. The site should be clear of redness, bruises, and swelling. Generally, it takes about six months to one year to recover from them. As you heal, focus on the look of the nose tip and nose bridge. These may change a little. When you think the nose is better now, you can fix an appointment with an expert ENT surgeon for advice. They will first examine your nose to see if it’s ready for the second surgery or how long you should wait.

Some additional facts

A second surgery will entail checking the condition of the scar tissues, rectifying structural changes from the old surgery, etc. Surgeons can resort to advanced methods like cartilage grafting to solve your concerns. The experience and expertise of your surgeon can be vital ingredients in this entire journey. Hence, select your option carefully. Most surgeons recommend that patients wait at least a year before planning their second nose job. However, you can speak to a trusted ENT surgeon for better clarity. It can be necessary for your mental peace and for keeping patience.

Second nose job surgery can take about two to five hours to complete. You are administered general anaesthesia. You may have to reduce your activities for six weeks post-surgery. You can face side effects like swelling and nasal congestion, which will disappear eventually. Your surgeon will share more details when you meet him. Knowing this treatment can be more expensive than the first surgery is critical. Please plan your budget accordingly.


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