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E-Books:Managing shiftwork

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Managing shiftwork

is 45-pages in length and was published in 2006.  Understand shift work and its’ effect and impact on worker safety and health.  It offers numerous strategies for improving the safety records on all shifts at any organisation

This book is for employers, safety representatives, trade union officials, employees, regulators and other stakeholders. It explains employers’ legal duties to assess risks associated with shift work. It aims to improve understanding of shift work and its impact on health and safety by: n providing advice on risk assessment, design of shift-work schedules and the shift-work environment; n suggesting measures employers, safety representatives and employees can use to reduce the negative impact of shift work; and n reducing tiredness, poor performance and accidents by enabling employers to control, manage and monitor the risks of shift work.


Introduction 4

Background 5

Duty under law 5

What do we mean by shift work? 6

Shift workers in the UK 6

Assessing and managing the risks associated with shift work 7

Consider the risks of shift work and the benefits of effective management 8

What are the undesirable effects of shift work? 8

Consider the costs and benefits of effective management of shift-working arrangements 12

Establish systems to manage the risks of shift work 13

Seek management commitment to control the risks of shift work 13

Identify individuals responsible for shift-working arrangements 13

Involve safety representatives and workers 13

Assess the risks associated with shift work in your workplace 14

Consider the risks that workers may be exposed to 14

Establish who might be harmed by shift work 14

Consult workers and their safety representatives 15

Take action to reduce the risks 16

Assess how severe the risks are and identify where improvements need to be made 16

Improve the shift-work schedule 16

Improve the workplace environment 23

Apply good practice guidelines 28

Check and review your shift-work arrangements regularly 31

Implement a system for early reporting of problems associated with shift work 31

Monitor alterations to shift-work schedules and/or work conditions 31

Periodically review the effectiveness of your shift-working arrangements 32


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