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E-Books:Engineering Safety Assessment

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Engineering Safety Assessment

by Jim Thomson PhD is a 219-page book on how to assess the safety of highly hazardous operations and facilities.


 Ch 1: Introduction, Contents, Preface, Symbols used
Ch 2: Basic probability theory for risk assessment
Ch 3 part 1: Systems reliability – time-independent systems
Ch 3 part 2: Systems reliability – time-dependent systems, etc
Ch 4: Pressure vessel integrity (fracture mechanics and NDT)
Ch 5 part 1: Major accident hazards – accident classification
Ch 5 part 2: Fundamentals of explosion analysis
Ch 5 part 3: Dispersal of airborne material, and toxicity
Ch 5 part 4: Radiation and radioactivity
Ch 6: Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

Appendices and Index

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