Death of Oregon forestry worker prompts new toolbox talk

Portland, OR – The Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Programrecently released a toolbox talk guide in response to a fatal incident in which a forestry worker was killed when a falling tree struck her vehicle.

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The worker was driving in a densely forested area. According to OR-FACE, it was not apparent that the worker or the tree faller stationed uphill saw one another before the incident occurred. The worker died of traumatic head and neck injuries.

The guide recommends workers:

  • Identify and report hazards to proper officials during pre-work assessments.
  • Use flaggers to control traffic and ensure road signs warning motorists of tree-trimming operations are adequate and up to date.
  • Be trained in safely bucking logs and cutting trees.
  • Ask for help if needed.
  • Ensure radios are functional and that crew members communicate regularly.
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