Health, Safety, Security and Environment


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Prior to initial use, all new and altered cranes should be inspected to determine if any safety hazards exist. Thereafter, inspections should be performed at intervals according to the following list. Some components require daily inspection, while others need only be checked on a monthly basis. A complete inspection should also include observation during operation to detect any defects that might appear between regular inspections.

In the chart attached Below, each area of inspection is identified by an item number. The frequency of inspection required is indicated under “Inspection Frequency.” The two columns on the right are for noting the condition of the items after inspection. For any item found to be completely satisfactory, check (?) the first column – OK. For any item found to require attention, check (?) the second column – See Other Side. If the item is not applicable, check (?) the third column (N/A). The chart on the reverse side of this page has a column for item numbers. In this column, place the item numbers requiring attention, and fully describe the hazard and recommended corrective action.

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