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Safety banners and Posters at construction site

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Construction Projects’Manager and Responsible HSE shall communicate with their employees effectively to deliver safety messages and site Rules and regulation and ensure that all employees are in compliance with safety management system and follow all rules and regulations . so that HSSE world here in after will provide you with 6 Great Tips for Displaying Safety Posters at work site in addition free 35 safety banners have been implemented one of their projects

6 Great Tips for Displaying Safety Posters

– Always select those posters that are most relevant for your business.
– If you cannot find an exact match try to choose a poster about safety basics, which helps support a safety “mindset” in your employees such as housekeeping and safe lifting.
– Always display your posters in a prominent place where employees are most likely to see them.
– One might consider using a picture frame to highlight the poster bringing more attention to the posters.
– Replacing or rotating posters periodically, especially in facilities or environments where space is at a premium, helps maintain or re-ignite interest.
– Also think about using your poster(s) as training material first as a visual aid. Then once training is done, hang the poster where it best supports the training your employees just went through.

Some examples of appropriate areas to hang posters are in a high-traffic area where forklifts and humans interact. Posters on the wall could be both a reminder of the possible dangers as well as serve to mark off certain areas that require heightened awareness.A perfect complimentary facility safety tool for such environments is the floor sign. While the wall posters are extremely effective, floor signs such as “Caution, Forklift Traffic” can be a great secondary visual reminder.

35 Free Safety banners 

after  you download the Safety banners you can use it at your site just do the following steps or watch the explaining videos below :

1- Change the project Name with your project Name

2- Replace the Project Number with your project Number

3- Keep or the HSE slogan at the end of each banner it’s up to you

the banners are ready now and you can posted at every where at your work site as Fence, Gates, Site roads indoor offices ..etc


Watch the Explanation Video


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