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Online Quiz:Electrical safety, Test your self

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Are you worried about an electric shock when you replace a light bulb? Most people have a false sense of security when it comes to electrical currents. Because electricity has become such a familiar part of our lives, it is not treated with the respect it deserves. Electricity is the most commonly encountered hazard in the facility. Exposure to electricity can cause burns, internal hemorrhaging, and death by paralysis of the respiratory system or heart failure. Electrical contact can cause your muscles to contract. This stimulation is so powerful that it could cause you to “stick” to the electrical circuit that you are touching. The increased time of exposure to the electrical current increases the dangers to you.Electric shock may lead to secondary injuries where involuntary muscle reactions from the electric shock can cause bruises, bone fractures and even death from collision or falls.

We’ve put together a simple quiz to help you test your knowledge. Try it out to see how you do.

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