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Job Safety Analysis (JSA):Safety APP.

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Safety-Now introduces the new and improved Job Safety Analysis application, JSA Cloud. It allows safety professionals to create JSAs, track incidents, accidents and  safety observations, record job stops, near misses and follow up on after action  reviews. It’s an affordable, easy to use, All In One Solution for safety management.

“Are you a Business Manager, Owner or Safety Personnel that sees the benefit of reducing JSA paperwork to keep your people safe? Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency throughout your business, through a JSA?

Here at Team Solutions Training (TST) our Mission is to provide “deliberately different” training and cutting edge technologies to help save more lives and increase productivity.

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We have witnessed first hand the inefficiencies and negativity associated with completing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The Managing Director, Kym Steer, has spent years working and training top clientele in Risk Management has seen first hand the pitfalls and successes of Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

The “TST Job Safety Analysis (JSA)” App is an Innovative new way to complete JSAs and has been designed with the ability to:
– Create your own JSAs with easy to use menus.
– Use the pre-filled options to complete it faster and spend the time reviewing rather than writing.
– Use the clear Risk Matrix that’s fun to play with to enable concentration for calculating risk.
– Take photos of Hazards & Risks.
– Save time in the field.
– GPS tag your location for each and every JSA.”1

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Thumbs Up

  • no registration or sign in required
  • easy to follow instructions
  • you can develop your own JSAs using their standard JSA form (with drop down menus)
  • uses the standard JSA (aka JHA) format that we are all familiar with
  • a nice addition to the standard format is a new column that “rates the risk”
  • visually beautiful with easy to read words and attractive colors
  • you can search your completed JSAs by: JSA, job, department, location, company, and date
  • completed JSAs can be saved and emailed to others
  • incorporates useful risk matrix and hierarchy of controls tables
  • there is a separate iPhone version


Thumbs Down

  • The app is technically free.  But the free app is worthless because you can not either save or email the JSAs you develop unless you upgrade to the $4.99 paid version.  This is deceptive.  I don’t know why they don’t just say up front that the app costs $4.99.  This excellent app is certainly worth much more than $4.99.
  • Only one JSA form is available and it can not be modified.  Users should be able to modify the format of this JSA form, or at least be given a wider selection of different JSA forms to choose from.


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