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Workplace exposure limits

Containing the list of workplace exposure limits for use with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.It is 74-pages and was published in 2005.  Common workplace health hazards such as chemicals, dusts, and fumes are reviewed.  The latest updated European exposure limits are discussed (some of which are more stringent than U.S. limits).   Monitoring methods are covered as well as proven solutions/controls.   This book should be of special value to to those companies with international operations.

Table of Contents


Foreword 5
 Introduction 8
European occupational exposure limits 8
Workplace exposure limits (WELs) 8
WELs and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) (COSHH) 9
Employees and the self-employed 9
Data Protection Act 9
List of workplace exposure limits (WELs) 10
Annotations 10
Table 1: List of approved workplace exposure limits (as consolidated with amendments, December 2011) 11
Supplementary information for Table 1 30
Definitions 30
Substances which are special cases under COSHH 33 Applying occupational exposure limits 37
Scope of the limits 37 Long-term and short-term exposure limits 37
Units of measurement 38 Conversion and rounding of WELS expressed in ppm to mg.m-3 38
Calculation of exposure 38 Limitations to the application of exposure limits 39
Other factors 39
Absorption through the skin 39
Calculation methods 40
Calculation of exposure with regard to the specified reference periods 40
Notice of Approval 40
Schedule 41
The short-term reference period 43
Methods of measurement and calculation for determining the fibre concentrations of MMMF 43
Notice of Approval 43
Schedule 44
Health and Safety Executive EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits Page 4 of 74
Monitoring exposure 45
Personal/workplace air monitoring 45
Biological monitoring (see also Table 2) 45
Mixed exposures 47 WELs for mixtures
47 Hydrocarbon solvents 47
Reciprocal calculation procedure for mixtures of hydrocarbon solvents 47
Effects of mixed exposures 49
Risk assessment and control 49
Monitoring mixed exposure 50
Complicating factors 51
Table 2: Biological monitoring guidance values (BMGVs) 52
List of synonyms 53
References 72
Further information 74

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