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E-Books:Leading Indicators for Workplace Health and Safety

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This user guide provides an overview of what leading indicators are, and how and why they might be applied to strengthen your organization’s health and safety culture and performance. Some leading indicators may be more effective than others, depending on an organisation’s current level of OHS performance. For that reason, the user guide considers three categories of OHS performance: those that are focused on maintaining
compliance with Alberta legislation, those looking for improvement (beyond compliance), and those in pursuit of continuous learning for the highest levels
of performance. A tool is provided to help establish which category best describes your organisation’s current OHS performance level, as well as sample
leading indicators for each performance category — for your consideration.


1 | Introduction
2 | Background
5 | Purpose of leading indicators
6 | Strengths of leading indicators
7 | Challenges
8 | Choosing a leading indicator
12 | Consider your goals
12 | Determine your strategy
13 | Factor in your experience
15 | Consider your audience
15 | Understand the limitations
16 | How to implement
16 | Training and maintenance
17 | Criteria for success
19 | Keeping it fresh
20 | How to use/benefit from the information
20 | Trending
21 | Benchmarking
21 | Feedback/communication
22 | In summary
24 | Resources
26 | Contact us
27 | Appendix

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