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Don’t Worry If the Code on Your Keypad Door Lock Is Not Working – Here’s How to Change It!

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If you want to change the code of the keypad door lock, you can do it without any second thought. Here, we are about to discuss the steps you need to implement to maintain the privacy of your property. The steps are simple; you only have to remove the previous code and enter a new one.

Keypad Door Lock

Step 1: The door should be open

    To begin with, by changing the code for your keypad door lock system, you have to ensure that the door is open and unlocked so that you do not get locked out if any error occurs. Use a door stopper if required or any object that would help to prevent the door from closing.

Step 2: Enter the programming code

The programming code is the master code, which differs from the code you use to access the keypad door lock. You might get a default master code of 0000, which you must enter. If you forgot the default code, consult Locksmith Salem Oregon.

Step 3: Press the lock button

Next, you must press the lock button, the most comprehensive button on the keypad. It can be labeled as a lock icon or have the lock’s brand name. After pressing it, you will hear a beep sound. Now, press the number 3 on the keypad, triggering the process to delete the access code. Press the lock button again to confirm your action; another beep will be heard.

Step 4: Enter the access code

You must enter the access code you want to delete, which should be between 4 and 10 digits. Then, press the lock button again to permanently delete the previous code. After the code has been deleted, you will hear two beep sounds.

Step 5: Re-enter the programming code

Once the old access code has been deleted, you must create a new one. Enter the programming code again and press the numbers continuously. This step initiates the process of creating a new code.

Step 6: Press the lock button, again

To submit the programming code, you must press the lock button again, and you will hear one beep again. The process is similar to that discussed previously, but to add the new code, you must press one on the door lock and again press the lock button to confirm. You would hear one beep as a triumphant note.

Step 7: Enter the access code, again

Now you have to enter the new code, 4 to 10 digits. Make sure to choose a unique code, and there should be a few repeating numbers. When you select this number, ensure it takes work for everyone to guess. Avoid using the digits of your phone number, DOB, or something easy to guess. Next, enter the lock button for the last time, and the new code will be set, which will be confirmed with two beeps.

Summing it up

After you have applied all these steps, double-check and perform a quick test. If you find an error, communicate the problem with the best locksmith Albany Oregon.


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