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Protective Clothing

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Definition – What does Protective Clothing mean?

Protective clothing is any clothing specifically designed, treated or fabricated to protect personnel from hazards that are caused by extreme environmental conditions, or a dangerous work environment. Some protective clothing may be designed to protect the workers from the working environment due to infection or pollution. Protective clothing or any protective equipment is often referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE).

HSSE WORLD explains Protective Clothing 

Doctors and dentists may use protective clothing like disposable gloves to prevent contamination. Sportsmen wear baseball protective gear, hockey masks, jockstraps, etc. Protective clothing also extends to body armor such as bullet proof vests, historical armor and futuristic powered armor. Typical materials include Nomex and Kevlar. Some examples of types of protective clothing include protective headgear, gloves or hand protection, eye protection like safety goggles, hearing protection like earplugs, protective footwear and others such as safety harnesses, or life preservers.

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