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Fire Extinguisher

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Definition – What does the Fire Extinguisher mean?


Fire extinguishers are portable devices used to extinguish small fires or reduce their destruction before firefighters arrive at the scene. These are kept handy at places, namely fire points, in buildings, factories, public paces or transportation. The types and numbers of extinguishers legally required for an area are governed by the safety regulations in force in that particular area.

HSSE World explains the Fire Extinguisher


Six types of fire extinguishers are found in the market depending on their contents. They are used for different applications.

  • Water: solid fire
  • Foam (aqueous film forming foam (AFFF)): solid and liquid fires
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): solid, liquid, gas, oil, fat and electric fires
  • Dry chemical powder: solid, liquid, gas, oil, fat and electric fires
  • Wet chemical: solid, oil and fat fires
  • Vaporizing liquid: solid, liquid, gas and electric fires

Extinguishing agents are kept under pressure in the cylinders using compressed air, gas or chemicals that produce gas when initiated by suitable means. Once the safety lock is removed and the trigger or handle is squeezed, the contents come out through the extinguisher’s nozzle at high pressure.

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