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Fall Arrest

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Definition – What does Fall Arrest mean?

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Fall arrest is the act of stopping a free fall or the instant where a downward free fall is stopped by the aid of some supporting equipment. Fall arrest is a form of fall protection system that prevents a fall from causing serious harm or death. A fall arrest arrangement offers significant freedom of movement for workers to carry out their assigned duties while preventing them from falling when they’re working above the ground.

HSSE WORLD explains Fall Arrest

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There are two key types of fall arrest systems:

  • General Fall Arrest: This system is able to catch a single or a number of workers without them striking any other hazards. The system, such as net, is usually installed in a workplace that is far above the ground
  • Personal Fall Arrest: This is the most common type of fall arrest and may consist of a full-body harness, shock-absorbing lanyard, anchorage connector or, occasionally, a self-retracting lifeline

Personal fall arrest systems limit the impact force of a free-falling user and prevent the user from hitting the ground. In the workplace, most fall injuries occur due to the absence or lack of fall protection. Fall arrest systems may act as an effective mechanism for fall injury prevention.

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